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Technical Support

 Servicon is offering helpdesk services for customers within the Nordic area. The service level can be adapted to the customers request. Local phone numbers are available for users in all Nordic countries. Toll free solution can also be established if needed. The need for end user support has increased in the last years. Advanced computers and programs are spreading to most homes and is no longer only sophisticated tools for professionals. This demands an efficient technical support for handling of support request.

We can offer standard opening hours between 08:00 and 17:00 We can also adapt availability to customer’s wishes and needs.

All vital information from all support request is logged and transferred to monthly reports. This reports includes name, model of equipment, problem description etc for all requests and represents vital information to ocur employers.

Extended services

Servicon can offer extended services adapted to the customers demand. Examples of such services is on site swap, pick up service and other logistical services.

Servicon can provide regular exchange service and on-site swap (Express Swap Service). For both types of exchange, the customer and product information is captured at the time of RMA issuance. RMA requests can be made by fax, e-mail or phone to our helpdesk. Express Swap Service is based on delivery directly to the end-user. Normally the end-user will receive a swap unit the day after contacting the helpdesk. Our Repair Management System keep track of available exchange units and any difference in age between available exchange units and the customers unit. When the faulty unit is received from the customer, the RMA number is entered into the system and the customer and product data verified against the original entry. All transactions are entered into our Repair Management System for reporting and tracking purposes.

Servicon can also supply extended warranty time for selected models. This service is mainly made for distributors and OEM customers. To handle extended warranty time it is normally required to have access to a serial number database or files to verify included units.

Pick Up Service is based on collection of defective units at the customer. Solutions can be adapted to our customers required service level.

In order to “wipe” out the country borders and make all-Nordic solutions, Servicon is focused on making good logistic solutions. After establishing the Swedish office, Servicon are represented both inside and outside the EU


Servicon have established an in-house repair facility. Currently more than 15000 repairs are processed yearly. Typical products is tape drives, Blu-Ray, MO drives, Projectors, LCD displays, TV-tuners and public displays. Based on our customer’s demand, we can handle all service levels from basic handling, screening to complete repairs.

To secure a high repair quality the internal procedures and performance is constantly monitored. A continues search for improvements is vital to be competitive and adaptable to changing demands Our Repair Management Systems track returns by customer, serial number, or any other key parameter. We track and record quantities by customer, Turn Around Times, models handled etc. In cooperation with our customers, we can use this data not only to streamline the process but also to determine trends such as too many No Defect Founds, a high number of damaged units, an epidemic failure etc.

We realise that our experiences by handling our customers products generate vital information. Turn around time, use of spare parts, error description are examples of possible ingredients in a monthly report. We seek a close cooperation with our customers. To perform repairs on a professional level, access to technical information, testsoftware etc. is vital and secure the quality level on the repairs.

We have solutions for BGA rework and repair needs. We are equipped with 2 BGA rework systems, engineers and operators with in-depth knowledge and experience in the intricate process of BGA rework.
We offer a wide range of services including BGA component removal, replacement and salvage..

After many years in the service industry, we have learned to be flexible and adapt new solutions quickly and continuously.
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Our concept

Servicon is an independent company specializing in technical services and logistics to the IT  and electronics industry. The company was established in 1998 with the Nordic region as its home market.  Today we also serve customers in other regions, both directly and through partners.

The range of services includes end user and dealer support, repair, rework, recycling and supply chain logistics. The services are often carried out on behalf of the manufacturers and include product groups such as digital TV receivers, TV sets, projectors, computer displays, professional displays (public displays, medical etc), tape drives, MO drives, computers and sound equipment.

Servicon’s headquarters and Norwegian operations are located in Kongsvinger, 95 km’s north-east of Oslo and 65 kilometers from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The Swedish operation is located in Karlstad with short distances to the most populated areas of the Nordic countries.

Our staff is highly skilled, quality oriented and motivated.  Their daily work takes place in our high-class ESD workshops equipped with state-of-the art equipment for diagnosis, BGA soldering, colour calibration, laser adjustment and more.

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